Dr. Zen & the Greatest of All Sinners began, as many good ideas do, with three good friends discussing events of the day at a brewpub.  The discussion that night was lively and – crucially – was informed by the unique perspectives of two of the guys:   one a Zen Buddhist teacher, the other a devout Christian.  When the third member of the troika suggested putting a mic in front of the other two, this podcast was born.

If these episodes ever achieve their stated goal of providing a glimpse into “the events of the day as seen through the lens of eternity,” it is purely accidental.  Any wisdom to be found in these recordings was surely stumbled upon in a mad dash toward mirth.

Listen to the most recent episodes below (most recent first, oldest last).

A note to listeners.  The podcast is in the process of being re-tooled and re-branded. The new name for the ‘cast — Spooky Action at a Distance — will be incorporated into the on-line materials in the weeks ahead.

Spooky Action at a Distance – Episode 5

Topics:   More coronavirus

Spooky Action at a Distance – Episode 4

Topics:   Coronavirus


Spooky Action at a Distance – Episode 3

Topics:   Coronavirus, The Chinese and AI Supremacy, Billy Eilish vs. Grimes

Spooky Action at a Distance – Episode 2

Topics:   Quantum Entanglement, Old Sci-Fi (New Again), Deadwood, Recent Reads & Watches.

Spooky Action at a Distance – Episode 1

Topics:   Free Energy, Ultima Thule, The Oscars, Paying College Hoopsters, Amazon in NYC.

Episode 21

Topics:   Reflections on: 2018 Tech, Orson Welles, Gender fluidity, Populism, and Oumuamua

Episode 20

Topics:   Music, Musk, Westworld, CO sports, Ask a Skeptic

Episode 19

Topics:   Westworld Season 2;Jesus Christ Superstar; The Space Race: Musk vs. Bezos; NBA & NHL Predictions; Mirthful or Merton?

Episode 18

Topics:   Facebook & Cambridge Analytica; First Self-Driving Car Death; I, Tonya, Stephen Hawking, NCAA Tourney

Episode 17

Topics:   Names; Buddha Beer; Unabomber; Presidential Pardons; Mayweather v. McGregor; Ask Dr. Zen; Loving/Not Loving

Episode 16

Topics:   Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s Female Hamlet; Wonder Woman; OJ’s imminent return; Non-hyper-partisan media


Episode 15

Topics:   Kalanick ousted at Uber; Neil Gorsuch on SCOTUS; Wonder Woman Rocks the Box Office

Episode 14

Topics:   Passenger Dragging; Pre-Crime; French Presidential Election; Kentucky Derby predictions

Episode 13

Topics:   Middle Aged Lonely; Ghost in the Shell; Chuck Berry; Ask Dr. Zen; Loving/Not Loving

Episode 12

Topics:   Overclocking; Elon Musk Says We Must Merge With Machines; Binaural Beats; Rapid Responses on Politics, Culture, Spirituality.

Episode 11

Topics:   Mindfulness in the Workplace; Artificial Intelligence at Home; Super Bowl predictions revisited.

Episode 10

Topics:  Electronic Personhood; Electronic Walls; Christo Pulls Out of Colorado Project; Super Bowl Predictions

Episode 9

Topics:  Do Aliens Exist?; Carrie Fisher moments; College Championship predictions; Sex with Robots

Episode 8

Topics: Machine Learning; College Football; Best of 2016; College Posters

Episode 7

Topics: Smart Drugs, Fidel Castro, Big Bang Theory vs. Search Party, Soccer: Klinsmann and MLS Cup

Episode 6

Topics: The World Chess Championship; the Presidential Election; Snap Files for $25B IPO

Episode 5

Topics: ATT to buy Time Warner; Cubs vs. Indians in the World Series; Westworld & Michael Crichton; Denver is Rising

Episode 4

Topics:  Uber Loses 1.2B; Controversial Athletes; Brazil’s President Impeached; EpiPen Prices; Gene Wilder remembered

Episode 3

Topics:  Univision buys Gawker; Animated Series; Apocalyptic Floods; Political Polling

Episode 2

Topics:  Legalized Pot; Tesla buys SolarCity; the Olympics; the Perseids; what’s the new Zombies?

Episode 1

Topics:  Political Conventions in the future; a homeless man vs. the Google shuttle;  Pokemon Go; Human enhancement; Mr. Robot.