Cast & Crew

Jeffery Lawrence Weeden is the Greatest of All Criminal Defense Attorneys in Denver and Front Range Colorado (wink). He is married (cross your fingers) and has two lovely children that are almost certainly his. Jeff occasionally teaches as an Adjunct Professor at George Washington (at least until someone responsible gets a whiff of this podcast). Jeff is a non-denominational Christian of questionable repute who is irrationally drawn to cinema (particularly German expressionism), loves reading and superhero comics. Jeffery takes care of a salt and pepper Shih Tzu named Delilah (tee hee).

Paul Agostinelli Paul Agostinelli is a Zen Buddhist teacher in Boulder, CO. After tens thousands of hours spent in meditation over the last two decades, he is regularly gobsmacked by his own ignorance, and finds the world a very funny place indeed. He makes his living in internet technology, a world which pretends to be governed by the formal dictates of science and late stage capitalism, but which in reality is driven mostly by exuberant dreams and unrepentant folly. He is not a real doctor.

Ray Agostinelli is a lower-case-s skeptic who likes to needle the other two guys for their extra-scientific worldviews but only until something miraculous happens, which occurs fairly regularly, like every few minutes or so, at which time he retreats to a default posture of bemused befuddlement.  He is a career technology entrepreneur whose home office floor is littered with unpublished manuscripts of various varieties.

The troika have known each other for approximately two and half decades.  For better or worse, technology has now made it easy (possibly too easy) for them to record their conversations for posterity.