Rough Cuts

Rough Cut 6

Topics:  Self-driving cars, Jesus/Buddha on TV, the Juno probe, Gauging an employee hire, 2017 NBA Finals predictions

Rough Cut 5

Topics: The Rio Olympics, Stairway to Heaven, The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, Serial Killers to Dinner, In Love with a Chatbot

Rough Cut 4

Topics: Gawker’s bankruptcy, Netflix ratings, Euro 2016 Soccer, Rabbits to Dinner, Siri in Prayer

Rough Cut 3

There is no rough cut 3.

Rough Cut 2

Topics: Hamilton, Bitcoin, NHL Playoffs, Houdini vs. Conan Doyle, Innovators to Dinner, Gluten Free advice

Rough Cut 1

Topics: Social media, What’s the Best Smart?, Beyonce, Lucifer, NFL, Time Travel